• College of Medical Aesthetics

    School of Aesthetic Dermatology Nursing

    Looking for a New Career? College of Medical Aesthetics offers a comprehensive Aesthetic Dermatology Nursing Program. This certificate program is currently offered as a preceptorship. The online portion is presented in 17 weekly modules. Each week consist of weekly readings, writing assignments, online lectures and forum discussions. The program focuses on the core competencies for every registered nurse working in the field of dermatology and aesthetics.
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  • Certificate Of Aesthetic & Dermatology Nursing Program

    The Aesthetic Dermatology Nursing Program is an entry point for registered nurses to work in the speciality field of dermatology. Nurses new to dermatology or aesthetics may be limited to supporting senior nurses and doctors throughout individual episodes of patient care.
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  • The future of Aesthetic Nursing

    A first of its kind, College of Medical Aesthetics has developed an encompassing educational Aesthetic and Dermatology Nursing program, to promote competency, leadership and professional development for aesthetic and dermatology nurses. The ever-present of baby boomer generation, along with generally longer lifespan, are demanding that the medical profession deliver on the promise of educating the population on how to implement healthier lifestyles while looking and feeling better. Combination of technology and current healthcare trends offers opportunities for innovation and growth in aesthetic and dermatology healthcare.
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